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Low Level Construction Industry Access Platforms

In this modern world we are living in where health and safety is paramount, we are all looking at safer ways of working. Health and safety in the construction industry can be particularly difficult to implement as a building takes shape. Construction industry access platforms can be the answer to gaining access to ceilings  and walls that were previously out of reach without scaffolding. Our range of Elevah low level construction industry access platforms are ideal for construction applications.

For Building Applications

Low level construction industry access platforms have a multitude of uses for builders. With their ability to quickly move from one location to another, these compact but useful access platforms cut the need for lengthy scaffolding construction. This in turn speeds up and simplifies the building process, making those hard to reach high places easily accessible. Did you ever run across a situation where your scaffolding doesn’t quite reach where you need to be? Too low? Too high? Imagine if you could move it straight away and reposition in a minute or two. A construction industry access platform can achieve this easily.

For Electrical Applications

Electricians can find that a construction industry access platform can save an unbelievable amount of time. Whether it’s cable running or installation work an access platforms can make moving from one area to the next quick and easy. As any electrical installer will know, the flooring is unlikely to be laid before the job begins. Our low level access platforms are specifically designed for this working environment. The Elevah 50F, the Elevah 61 and the Elevah 70 can all operate on uneven ground without trouble.