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MEWP – Find an access platform that works for my business


What is a MEWP?

MEWP is an abbreviation for Mobile elevated work platform. It is a very broad term which could be many types  of work platform, scissor lift or powered ladders. A MEWP is used by at least one human operator. MEWP’s have a wide range of uses and all are designed to help safe working at height for the user.

Can’t seem to find the right MEWP?

Searching for MEWP in industrial setting.Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to find an access platform to suit your needs? Do you need a mobile elevated work platform or MEWP as we call them in the business? If so, does it need to be static vertical or mobile vertical? Should it have a static or mobile boom arm? Should it be powered or static? What kind of weight will it carry? Finally, is that mobile or fixed position? There is so much choice out there that it gets confusing comparing websites to find which access platform to use. well fear not! Promax Access has a handy tool which will help our customers reach the heights which they have been trying to reach.

We can help to find the right MEWP

We have worked hard to put together a simple but effective online tool. This is to help our customers decide exactly what it is that they are looking for. Our all new access platform finder can quickly and easily help business’ to find the right high access solution. Forget about trawling through websites which all look the same, leaving tabs open and trying to flick between for comparison. We have assembled an all star lineup of MEWP’s and other types of platform ladders, powered lifts and cherry pickers. At Promax Access have put them all in one place and made it really easy to identify which access platform will suit your purpose.

Give our access platform finder a try today

Why not try a different approach? Try our all new access platform finder by clicking on this link. Hopefully we can save you some time and furthermore impress you with our incredible range. We have chosen machines from Elevah, due to a long history of high standards and customer care. Elevah platforms are lightweight and compact yet strong due to an aluminium construction. Work platforms from Elevah are stylish but also practical. Promax Access sell these excellent MEWP’s to our loyal customers who know that Promax Access is a name to trust.