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Elevah 47 Picking

elevah 47 Picking is a stock picking personnel access platform.
elevah 47 Picking access platform in chrome and orange. A man in blue overcoat can be seen pushing the access lift along
An Elevah 47 Picking is a stock picking personnel access platform. Shown here is the control panel.
elevah 47 is a stock picking personnel access platform. The stock picker is seen here loading a box onto the handy shelf. The stock picker is wearing blue.

Versatile Stock Picker – The Elevah 47 Picking

The Elevah 47 Picking is a newly designed and manually-propelled stock picker, made of light weight aluminium with a 4.6m metre safe working height. It is a compact and light stock picker which is easy to use and simple to manoeuvre thanks to its minimum turning radius: It turns on itself. It is ideal for warehouse spaces, making them feel accessible and safe. The Elevah 47 Picking is comfortable and practical to use with only a 260 kg total weight and a payload of 200 kg. With the Elevah 47 Picking safety is combined with practicality ensuring a high performance and excellent picking benefits.

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Technical Specification

  • Lift capacity
    200 kg
  • Operators
  • Use
  • Tray capacity
    100 kg
  • Machine weight
    260 kg
  • Power Source
    24 V
  • Batteries 2 x 12V - 44A
  • Battery charger
    110 V - 220 V
  • Fixed dimensions
    Ø 200 x 50 mm
  • Idle wheels dimensions
    Ø 150 x 45 mm
  • Max. lifting speed
    0,20 m/s
  • Max. lowering speed
    0,15 m/s
  • Manual force to move it
    8 kg
  • Manual force once in motion
    5 kg
  • Stowed height
    1620 mm
  • Min. platform height from the ground
    395 mm
  • Min. picking height from the ground
    830 mm
  • Tool tray
    760 mm
  • Max. platform height from the ground
    2700 mm
  • Max. picking height from the ground
    3880 mm
  • Internal dimensions of the basket
    620 mm x 560 mm
  • Internal picking dimensions
    470 mm x 770 mm
  • Overall machine dimensions
    780 mm x 1373 mm
  • Max. load on the ground/wheel, at full load (*)
    2,6 kN
Stowed Height (A) Operating Height (B) Maximum Height (C)
1620 mm 4700 mm 2700 mm

Conforming to EN280 with CE certification issued by Tüv, tested and approved for indoor use with no wind.


  • Structural Parts:2 Years
  • Electrical & Mechanical Parts:1 Year
  • Batteries:6 Months

Full Description

Looking For A versatile Stock Picker?

The Elevah 47 Picking is a stock picker and also an outstanding manually propelled powered stock picker. The Elevah 47 Picking is a low level access lift for working at heights up to 4.6m. This machine is able to be used by just 1 person and it is an easy use stock picking machine. This machine is neat and practical but also has many uses due to its modern design and solid build. The Elevah 47 Picking also has a powered stock picking tray for extra versatility and ease of use. The tray can carry up to 100 kg whilst still in transit. This makes the Elevah 47 is one of our most popular machines in this sector. This stock picker is an indoor only machine. The stock fits on the tray well and this also helps the operator who uses it.

Choose the Elevah 47 Picking

Popular with our clients the Elevah 47 Picking is a manually propelled personnel access lift and stock picker. The machine itself is made of high quality aluminium which is both hard wearing and safe. The Elevah 47 Picking is compact and light, whilst its minimum turning radius makes it simple to manoeuvre. It turns on itself and as a result it is ideal for small spaces in warehouse environments and narrow gantries. The operator will find it quick and safe to use this easily accessible stock picking machine whilst finding it comfortable and practical too. With only a 260 kg total weight and a payload of 200 kg, safety is combined with practicality, ensuring high performance and excellent benefitsfor the stock picker.

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